With everybody getting sick lately.. we thought we would try to encourage you to eat these foods..


Cold weather is for fires, fuzzy socks and warm comfort foods but at the same time, it always increases the chances of us catching nasty colds, which put a damper in everything. Even in the warmer climates, flu season exists and seems to claim dozens of victims every year. One of the best ways people deal with the common cold and flu is getting a vaccination to keep it at bay. On top of this, food is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy because a lot of it possesses qualities that boost your immune system and stops you from getting the sniffles. The key is knowing the right foods to incorporate into your diet to the benefit of your body. (READ MORE)

These 10 countries are home to the world’s most beautiful ladies -Men do you agree?


The world is changing and with it comes a variety of cross-bred cultures, religions and of course nationalities. We are constantly seeing different looks pop up in the fashion industry with stunning models dazzling us with their elegance and grace. Before you judge us on compiling a shallow list of cosmetic beauty, please understand that we also believe beauty is created from the inside out too. Following on from our post on Top 10 Countries With The Most Handsome Men – we bring you our follow up with the women.. (READ MORE)

“Personal branding is important in today’s (digital) world.. here are my thoughts..”


The idea of the brand has evolved to include people in today’s individualistic and fast moving world. This means that people now have to consider what perception of themselves they are sending out to the rest of the world; this used to be the reserved for celebrities and politicians but now with social media and technology ordinary people also have to think of their own brands. Personal brands are important, especially in entrepreneurship because they determine who likes and responds to you. A brand can easily attract people or put them off depending on how strong and believable it is so some careful consideration will have to be applied especially when it comes to personal brand reinvention….. (READ MORE)

Mompreneur Alert: Isabelle Persenda Palmer


How long have you been a Mompreneur?

I started freelancing in 2008 (graphic design and photography) but that was easy and I wasn’t taking any risk. So I would say 2012 is when I truly became a mompreneur.

Tell us a little about how you got started?

The company I’d worked for had closed down in 2012, I was interviewing for a new position and was never satisfied with the people or firms I met with. I eventually realised that it was because I didn’t want to work for a third party anymore… Starting In Situ was something which had been at the back of my mind for a couple of years back then. I had contacted the designers and artists in 2010 and we’d started working on the project but I’d chickened out because it was a huge financial investment and honestly, I got scared. It took me two year to take the step……(READ MORE)

5 Great Habits To Adopt When Working From Home


It takes a lot of dedication, focus and commitment to make the space you call home, the space you also work in, because let’s face it, there are many distractions in the comforts of home. More and more people are opting to work from home because of the power and freedom it gives them to design their own lives. To effectively work from home, certain habits have to be adopted because they avoid distraction and encourage productivity. Let’s look at what they are……

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These 10 countries are home to the world’s most handsome men – ladies do you agree?

Portrait of a confident classically handsome male model holding

Beauty and attractiveness are something we all desire, for ourselves or just for some eye candy. The beautiful thing about the fact that we have so many different countries on our planet is that it allows us the chance to learn about other cultures, histories and appreciate the beauty of different people. This includes appreciating the good looks of the world’s most handsome men, who can be found in different countries on this handsome planet…. CLICK HERE

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[Mompreneur360] Tips For Busy Mompreneurs To Eat Healthy While On The Go


Moms on the go need to eat healthy, both to maintain a healthy diet and to keep energy levels up. Two simple rules to keep in mind right at the start, is to skip fast food and avoid sugary snacks. These foods are not only unhealthy, but will leave one even more tired than before. The secret is therefore to maintain a balanced nutrient-dense diet, despite being on the go….[READ MORE]


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