Smoking alcohol then eating fish & chips ice cream. Are you kidding me?


With the popularity of Instagram and Facebook, we really have become a foodie culture. We seek out the best dishes, so that we can not only eat a delicious meal, but also post photographs to our followers online and show them the wonderful food that we have been eating (Foodstagraming!). As more individuals become amateur ‘food bloggers’, restaurants are trying to create more exciting and visually pleasing dishes, something that you will want to share with your friends- virtually, or in reality. Here is a list of some of the best culinary creations we absolutely love:

Burrata Soft Serve

What is Burrata? Well, it is a type of Italian cheese. However, this is not cheese in an ice cream cone. This is Burrata flavored ice-cream. The genius behind this creation is Dominique Ansel, who is also famous for inventing the Cronut. Get down to Dominique Ansel Kitchen in NYC and try this cheesy creation! (READ MORE)…

Forget It, You Will Never Be Good At Time Management.


Oh common, we were just kidding. Of course you can have ninja-like time management skills, and we will show you how.

Time management.

We all know what it is, all think we know how to manage our time, yet most of us are usually left wondering where all the time went and how we are late with producing our assignments yet again. It seems pretty simple – allocate a certain amount of time to do something, do it, move on to the next thing. However, this is not how it goes down. You give yourself two days to write up a report, and the next thing you know it’s now three days later and all you have is the heading. Well, you need to do more than only allocate time to a task. You need to know how to manage the time within each task you are completing, so that your overall plan goes to schedule. Here are our four tips for successful time management…(READ MORE)


Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman are twins, separated at birth. It wasn't until 25 years later that Bordier used the power of social media to locate her sister.

The impact of Facebook goes far beyond the posts, updates and pictures you see on your news feed; in many cases the platform has changed the lives of many people in tangible and unforgettable ways. Facebook chose to showcase this with a compilation of stories that show the abilities of the platform to break through barriers and help people in need. These are a few of the stories that stood out for different reasons.


The lives of Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier were change permanently when they discovered that they were not only related, but actually a set of twins that was separated at birth. After someone posted pictures of Futureman online and showed them to Bordier, she took the time to investigate and find out about Futureman, who had like her, been adopted from South Korea. Anais finally sent Samantha a friend request Learn How Spending A Lot on Facebook and soon the two had a lengthy conversation on Skype and they finally made the connection that they were indeed twins and DNA tests confirmed it. The impact that the story had drove the pair to write a book about the experience titled “Separated @ Birth: A True Love Story of Twin Sisters Reunited.” It’s wonderful that a something so life-changing was made possible by social media and the internet.


How a Former Flight Attendant became a Successful Mompreneur

Abbie Unger turned her former career as a flight attendant into a platform that has managed help many people understand the aviation industry so that they are better prepared for job interviews and the demands of the job. After many people asked her for advice she wrote a book which went on to become a bestseller. She used this momentum to start a Facebook group which grew to have thousands of members. These successes managed to turn Abbie into a mompreneur and today she hosts webinars and runs a highly successful coaching business which allows her to stay close to her kids. This story is powerful because Abbie managed to find a career after she thought her in flight career was over and now she gets to help thousands of people and still have time with her children, because she successfully leveraged her skills on Facebook…(READ MORE)

OMG !!!! This kid is amazing. We are predicting he will be the next big thing!!


We have all heard about how this person-that person was discovered on the internet because of their video going super viral. In the age of mass communication, this should come to no surprise that one person’s destiny can be changed forever by a few clicks of a button.

Once such person we are predicting (yes, you read it here first) is Roomie AKA The guy with 14 voices.

Watch his video and find out why…(READ MORE)

Gadgets: Some Cool Stuff Both You & The Kids Will Love

Running a business from home to create commercial success is tough.

Raising children as a full time Mompreneur is arguably tougher.

With this in mind, we have done some digging to bring you some very clever gadgets that can help make life easier with the kiddies.

Quicklock – Bluetooth + RF/NFC Electronic Padlock



Forget the traditional padlock and key and make way for Quicklock.

It is a Bluetooth + RF/NFC electronic padlock which comes with a multiple access solution. You can open multiple padlocks by using Bluetooth 4.0 on your smartphone or through any Quicklock branded RF/NFC wireless keys. This padlock is durable, weather resistant and easy to use by all ages. They come ina range of cute and funky colors and now you can control what you open (or close) from wherever you are…(READ MORE)

Abracadabra! 6 Ways To Completely Re-Invent Yourself – Mompreneur 360

reinvent yourself phrase handwritten on school blackboard

Sometimes one of the best things you can do for yourself is hit the refresh button and reinvent yourself. It’s something we’ve seen famous people do so many times. Matthew McConaughey went from romantic comedy hunk to an actor capable of transforming and immersing himself in complex and compelling roles. Madonna has reinvented herself so many times throughout her career and it has kept her relevant. Reinvention isn’t always done because there’s something wrong, but because change is a really good thing and it’s something that rejuvenates us and reenergizes us. If there is one thing that is a constant in our lives, it is change – so let’s look at a few ways for you to hit the “re-set” button….(READ MORE)

These are some of the best photographs taken in 2015 – Super Amazing!


Welcome to arguably the most popular photography competition on the planet.

This year’s National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest received more than 17,000 entries from photographers around the world. They came in from far and wide – every corner of the world represented by hopeful shutterbugs trying to claim the title of ‘best photo of the year”.

Here are the judges’ top picks….(READ MORE)

Living 360 is re-branding & re-launching SOON. Are you our next brand ambassador?


Since 2012, Living 360 ( has been promoted as a lifestyle blog. Since then, our humble little blog has grown into a robust and engaging platform with fans, followers, subscribers and partners from all over the world. With a social media reach of 200,000+ people across multiple platforms and thousands of subscribers, we launched Mompreneur 360 ( last year. This platform designed for Mompreneurs globally is now building momentum & growing like wildfire – especially through our FREE directory offering.

So that said, we are proud to announce that we are in the midst of a super exciting re-brand and will be re-launching the platforms as “magazine” sites in less than a month.

That’s right – we will no longer be a blog, but rather a full fledge digital magazine.

This is an exciting time for our business and community and we have decided to bring onboard some subject matter experts as “Brand Ambassadors“.

What does this entail?

  • You will be an expert in either (Travel, Music, Food, Design, Culture, Photography, Fashion or anything else that fits with our ‘Lifestyle’ magazine)
  • You will provide a regular column in our magazine – with full credits and acknowledgements
  • This is not a paid position and you should only consider this if you are looking to build your brand profile – as your column will be blasted out to entire community! Big!

If this is of interest to you, simply drop us a line below and we will arrange to connect. From there, send us an example of your writing, together with your expression of interest to joining our dynamic team, and we can discuss further.

I look forward to welcoming you to our team and showcasing your writing skills to the world through our magazines!

Now don’t just sit there – get to it!

Amanda x

NYC innovation comes to Singapore with this year’s HOTTEST F1 after-race party – say hello to The Box!


The Box, Vanity Fair (PIC: Mark Schäfer)

After seven amazing years, the Singapore Grand Prix – the biggest sporting event in town – enters year eight. This year’s lineup of racing coupled with a star-studded music roster for the concert series means one thing, the organizers have focused on “Innovation”. After-all, when you have been running an event for as long as this one, you must constantly innovate to keep the excitement going for those attending.

This same logic applies for the famous after-parties which amalgamates high-rollers, celebrities, super models and race drivers in what can only be described as a soiree reserved for the privileged.

That said, the scene has been stale with very little innovation over the years. That is, until The Box and Boudoir Noire came to town. Without any doubt, there is a buzz about this super premium after race party that has the in-crowd’s attention. If you are lucky enough to get invited to buy a table, or make it past the front door – we are told you will be in for hell of a surprise.

If you have been to The Box in New York City – you will know what I mean.

I sat down with the glamorous party-planner Jeannette Tan from Imaginoire to discuss the hottest ticket in town at this year’s F1….(READ MORE)


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