[Mompreneur Alert] Anaita Thakkar Puts The Sparkle In The Gemstones Business


It’s pretty clear when you first meet Anaita Thakkar from the stunning jewellery brand Lustre, that she absolutely loves what she does. And why wouldn’t she? Anaika’s passion in working with gemstones shines through in her work and we managed to pin her down for a few minutes for a quick chat. This is what she had to say:

We love your work, can you share with us how you got started in the jewelry business?

I got started with Lustre Jewellery after I had been in Singapore for a couple of years. In all that time, I realized that there were a whole load of people doing really beautiful fine jewellery, and a couple of people who had businesses that brought in jeweliery from China or Korea and marked it up significantly. But there was no one doing jewellery using natural stones, at a reasonable price point. Having always been fascinated with Semi precious gemstones, on a family holiday to Sri Lanka, I went gemstone shopping. When I came back to Singapore, I started the process of figuring out a niche, and Lustre was born…(READ MORE)

This New York eatery remixes a world class French Bistro menu, Air Jordans and Julian Schnabel’s touch. The result will blow your mind..



Dirty French is a modern take on a French bistro situated on the Lower East Side of New York City. The restaurant was created by Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi andJeff Zalaznick. With it’s eight foot high neon pink peep show signs reading Dirty and French it is impossible to miss – fast becoming a landmark in the LES.



The restaurant takes classic French dishes and uses modern techniques and flavors to create an exciting and contemporary menu. The restaurant caters for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. On the breakfast menu you can find an Eggs Benedict with Brown Butter Hollandaise, on the brunch – a Chevre with Kale, Sunchokes and Sand Pear, moving on to lunch – a Tartare of Tuna, Birds Chili and Crepe Indochine, and finally for dinner – Duck A La Orange, with Ras El Hanout and Preserved Oranges…(READ MORE)

Thinking of flying business on your next trip? Check out our Top 5 picks. Do you agree?

1. Etihad Airways


Etihad Airlines is the national Airline of Abu Dhabi, and has destinations in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, The Americas and The Middle East.

The fleet includes A319-100, A320-200, A321-200, A339-200, A330-300, A340-500, A340-600, A380, B777-200LR, B787-9, B777-300ER, B777-300ER.

The Seats
There are three business class options to choose from when flying with Etihad. The first, and most luxurious, is a business studio. The studio has direct aisle access, storage and mood lighting. The seat converts in to a fully flat bed of 80.5 inches. Long haul flights are equipped with mattresses and complimentary loungewear.

The business flatbed is a seat that stretches in to a fully flat bed, with direct aisle access. The bed has full-size comforters, pillows, an adjustable headrest and lumbar support. The business seat is a reclining comfortable chair, with ample legroom, adjustable headrest, footrest and lumbar support.

The Experience
With Etihad flights, the experience begins before your departure. The complimentary chauffeur driver will take you from your door to the terminal, where you will pass through a premium check in and then use the business class lounge. In the lounge you can enjoy all-day dining or unwind in the spa. Once on board, you have either a personal 18-inch touch screen TV (business studio), 15.4-inch TV (business flatbed) or 10.16-inch TV (business seat) with over 750 hours of the newest movies, old classics and games. You will also have mobile phone and Internet access. To keep you fresh on board, you are given an amenity kit containing hand lotion, lip balm, dental kit, socks and earplugs. The on board dining is a great experience, with any-time dining, an onboard food and duty manager to help you pair your meal with wines from the boutique wine list and elegant full-sized dining ware. Once back on the ground, you can take a shower while the airline steams your clothes back to perfection.

How much?
A one-way business class flight between Abu Dhabi and Sydney, Australia, can cost anywhere between $5,200 USD and $6,500 USD. A return of the same route can cost between $7,200 USD and $1000 USD.

Why we fly with Etihad?
Flying business class with Etihad is a truly luxurious experience. The luxury that you pay for is not only on board your flight, but extends beyond the tarmac with your door to door chauffeur driven service, spa facilities, complimentary dining in the business lounge and all the extras to help you feel refreshed after your long haul flight…(READ MORE)

My Child Hates Her Babysitter, How Do I Chose The Next One?


Being a working mom means you won’t always be home and sometimes you might need to go for an event, work late or go for date night with your partner. Baby sitters are the wonderful helpers you can trust with your kids during that time and you get to work or enjoy the night with the certainty of your children’s safety and well-being. Finding the right caregiver isn’t so different from when companies look for a new employee- it requires you develop a list of characteristics that you will look out for when you start interviewing candidates. Of course you want to find someone who perfectly matches your family in every way possible but that criteria might prove difficult. So rather stick to this list of things to look out for and the selection process won’t be so daunting.


This comes in two forms; how they communicate with the parent and how they communicate with the child. To you, your baby sitter needs to be able to relay information and keep you informed of how the day is going. It’s important that your baby sitter also knows how to tell you if there are any issues or problems. To your child, your baby sitter needs to be playful and pleasant but also able to communicate well when it’s time to tell the child to do their homework or get ready for bed…(READ MORE)

The Power Of Being “Unique” In Your Industry: Learn why Christian Louboutin decided to give his shoes red soles.


Having a unique selling point and a different point of view is the one thing that businesses and their owners chase after. It’s the quest of many people to find what sets them apart because they know that quality is what gives them the edge over competitors. If you think of businesses that have been successful, you will find that there’s something about their story that you haven’t seen or heard explained in a certain way. Many businesses sell the same thing but some manage to be unique because of the service they provide. It could be the fact that they are passionate about making sure customers don’t pay too much or it could be because they aim to provide an unforgettable experience – whatever it is, having something that makes you unique will always make you perform a whole lot better than everyone else.

Take shoe designer Christian Louboutin for example, he has become the most sought after name when it comes to beautifully crafted footwear. People have been making shoes way before him but he has taken the lead because he makes shoes well but also because of the red sole he popularised. It gave his shoe a unique and wonderful trademark that excited the market and won him many loyal customers the world over.

Being unique is also closely tied to finding your niche market within the greater industry. Having a specific niche is incredibly important for marketing purposes but it’s also important because it focuses your message so that it becomes tailored to the specific gap you’re attempting to fill…(READ MORE)

Smoking alcohol then eating fish & chips ice cream. Are you kidding me?


With the popularity of Instagram and Facebook, we really have become a foodie culture. We seek out the best dishes, so that we can not only eat a delicious meal, but also post photographs to our followers online and show them the wonderful food that we have been eating (Foodstagraming!). As more individuals become amateur ‘food bloggers’, restaurants are trying to create more exciting and visually pleasing dishes, something that you will want to share with your friends- virtually, or in reality. Here is a list of some of the best culinary creations we absolutely love:

Burrata Soft Serve

What is Burrata? Well, it is a type of Italian cheese. However, this is not cheese in an ice cream cone. This is Burrata flavored ice-cream. The genius behind this creation is Dominique Ansel, who is also famous for inventing the Cronut. Get down to Dominique Ansel Kitchen in NYC and try this cheesy creation! (READ MORE)…

Forget It, You Will Never Be Good At Time Management.


Oh common, we were just kidding. Of course you can have ninja-like time management skills, and we will show you how.

Time management.

We all know what it is, all think we know how to manage our time, yet most of us are usually left wondering where all the time went and how we are late with producing our assignments yet again. It seems pretty simple – allocate a certain amount of time to do something, do it, move on to the next thing. However, this is not how it goes down. You give yourself two days to write up a report, and the next thing you know it’s now three days later and all you have is the heading. Well, you need to do more than only allocate time to a task. You need to know how to manage the time within each task you are completing, so that your overall plan goes to schedule. Here are our four tips for successful time management…(READ MORE)


Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman are twins, separated at birth. It wasn't until 25 years later that Bordier used the power of social media to locate her sister.

The impact of Facebook goes far beyond the posts, updates and pictures you see on your news feed; in many cases the platform has changed the lives of many people in tangible and unforgettable ways. Facebook chose to showcase this with a compilation of stories that show the abilities of the platform to break through barriers and help people in need. These are a few of the stories that stood out for different reasons.


The lives of Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier were change permanently when they discovered that they were not only related, but actually a set of twins that was separated at birth. After someone posted pictures of Futureman online and showed them to Bordier, she took the time to investigate and find out about Futureman, who had like her, been adopted from South Korea. Anais finally sent Samantha a friend request Learn How Spending A Lot on Facebook and soon the two had a lengthy conversation on Skype and they finally made the connection that they were indeed twins and DNA tests confirmed it. The impact that the story had drove the pair to write a book about the experience titled “Separated @ Birth: A True Love Story of Twin Sisters Reunited.” It’s wonderful that a something so life-changing was made possible by social media and the internet.


How a Former Flight Attendant became a Successful Mompreneur

Abbie Unger turned her former career as a flight attendant into a platform that has managed help many people understand the aviation industry so that they are better prepared for job interviews and the demands of the job. After many people asked her for advice she wrote a book which went on to become a bestseller. She used this momentum to start a Facebook group which grew to have thousands of members. These successes managed to turn Abbie into a mompreneur and today she hosts webinars and runs a highly successful coaching business which allows her to stay close to her kids. This story is powerful because Abbie managed to find a career after she thought her in flight career was over and now she gets to help thousands of people and still have time with her children, because she successfully leveraged her skills on Facebook…(READ MORE)

OMG !!!! This kid is amazing. We are predicting he will be the next big thing!!


We have all heard about how this person-that person was discovered on the internet because of their video going super viral. In the age of mass communication, this should come to no surprise that one person’s destiny can be changed forever by a few clicks of a button.

Once such person we are predicting (yes, you read it here first) is Roomie AKA The guy with 14 voices.

Watch his video and find out why…(READ MORE)

Gadgets: Some Cool Stuff Both You & The Kids Will Love

Running a business from home to create commercial success is tough.

Raising children as a full time Mompreneur is arguably tougher.

With this in mind, we have done some digging to bring you some very clever gadgets that can help make life easier with the kiddies.

Quicklock – Bluetooth + RF/NFC Electronic Padlock



Forget the traditional padlock and key and make way for Quicklock.

It is a Bluetooth + RF/NFC electronic padlock which comes with a multiple access solution. You can open multiple padlocks by using Bluetooth 4.0 on your smartphone or through any Quicklock branded RF/NFC wireless keys. This padlock is durable, weather resistant and easy to use by all ages. They come ina range of cute and funky colors and now you can control what you open (or close) from wherever you are…(READ MORE)

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