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Sometimes one of the best things you can do for yourself is hit the refresh button and reinvent yourself. It’s something we’ve seen famous people do so many times. Matthew McConaughey went from romantic comedy hunk to an actor capable of transforming and immersing himself in complex and compelling roles. Madonna has reinvented herself so many times throughout her career and it has kept her relevant. Reinvention isn’t always done because there’s something wrong, but because change is a really good thing and it’s something that rejuvenates us and reenergizes us. If there is one thing that is a constant in our lives, it is change – so let’s look at a few ways for you to hit the “re-set” button….(READ MORE)

These are some of the best photographs taken in 2015 – Super Amazing!


Welcome to arguably the most popular photography competition on the planet.

This year’s National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest received more than 17,000 entries from photographers around the world. They came in from far and wide – every corner of the world represented by hopeful shutterbugs trying to claim the title of ‘best photo of the year”.

Here are the judges’ top picks….(READ MORE)

Living 360 is re-branding & re-launching SOON. Are you our next brand ambassador?


Since 2012, Living 360 (www.TheLiving360.com) has been promoted as a lifestyle blog. Since then, our humble little blog has grown into a robust and engaging platform with fans, followers, subscribers and partners from all over the world. With a social media reach of 200,000+ people across multiple platforms and thousands of subscribers, we launched Mompreneur 360 (www.Mompreneur360.com) last year. This platform designed for Mompreneurs globally is now building momentum & growing like wildfire – especially through our FREE directory offering.

So that said, we are proud to announce that we are in the midst of a super exciting re-brand and will be re-launching the platforms as “magazine” sites in less than a month.

That’s right – we will no longer be a blog, but rather a full fledge digital magazine.

This is an exciting time for our business and community and we have decided to bring onboard some subject matter experts as “Brand Ambassadors“.

What does this entail?

  • You will be an expert in either (Travel, Music, Food, Design, Culture, Photography, Fashion or anything else that fits with our ‘Lifestyle’ magazine)
  • You will provide a regular column in our magazine – with full credits and acknowledgements
  • This is not a paid position and you should only consider this if you are looking to build your brand profile – as your column will be blasted out to entire community! Big!

If this is of interest to you, simply drop us a line below and we will arrange to connect. From there, send us an example of your writing, together with your expression of interest to joining our dynamic team, and we can discuss further.

I look forward to welcoming you to our team and showcasing your writing skills to the world through our magazines!

Now don’t just sit there – get to it!

Amanda x

NYC innovation comes to Singapore with this year’s HOTTEST F1 after-race party – say hello to The Box!


The Box, Vanity Fair (PIC: Mark Schäfer)

After seven amazing years, the Singapore Grand Prix – the biggest sporting event in town – enters year eight. This year’s lineup of racing coupled with a star-studded music roster for the concert series means one thing, the organizers have focused on “Innovation”. After-all, when you have been running an event for as long as this one, you must constantly innovate to keep the excitement going for those attending.

This same logic applies for the famous after-parties which amalgamates high-rollers, celebrities, super models and race drivers in what can only be described as a soiree reserved for the privileged.

That said, the scene has been stale with very little innovation over the years. That is, until The Box and Boudoir Noire came to town. Without any doubt, there is a buzz about this super premium after race party that has the in-crowd’s attention. If you are lucky enough to get invited to buy a table, or make it past the front door – we are told you will be in for hell of a surprise.

If you have been to The Box in New York City – you will know what I mean.

I sat down with the glamorous party-planner Jeannette Tan from Imaginoire to discuss the hottest ticket in town at this year’s F1….(READ MORE)

They say that selling to the mega-rich is easy because they have money – we show you how!


The incredibly wealthy can purchase some strange and interesting things these days. For billionaires, they may need such luxuries as RIMA cinema services- a service that delivers newly released movies to your home theater, the same day that they are released in public theaters. Also, crazy Art insurance that not only covers the cost of your art, but protects it from riot, fires, flood etc- by sending in a SWAT style team, helicopters and all, to fly your art from your home to a safe place.

For billionaire and celebrity mothers who are breastfeeding, there is the ‘night nanny’- a nanny who will wake the client up at regular intervals during the night, then take the baby back to their room and nurse them back to sleep. However, luxuries are not limited to services, as there is a huge market for extravagant brands and products. Many of us may see these opulent products and think ‘who can afford that?’, but with over 211,275 households worldwide reaping in more than $30 each, spending over $234 billion a year on luxury purchases, there is definitely a market for luxury brands and goods. The portion of the super-rich in society is definitely not in decline either- the number of households earning more than $50 million a year has increased from 41,000 in the year 2000 to 128,000 today….(READ MORE)

Hurry! become a morning person because you are worth $155,000 per year.

High angle view of a sleepy young woman suffering from headache with eyes closed in bed at home

Being a mom is hard work. According to a survey by Salary.com, if stay at home moms were to earn a wage, that wage would be $155,000 a year. Moms do not just do one job, they do many: they are psychologists, housekeepers, CEOs, laundry workers, computer operators, cab drivers, janitors, stylists, teachers and cooks. However, even if you are not a stay at home mom and so you are a mom before and after your regular work, you should be earning $39,763 per year, plus $23,709 in overtime. That totals $63,472 a year on top of your day jobs. If only we could be paid for being a mom!

Evilee Ebb, GM, Salary.com says:

“We see [Mom] as the compilation of 10 jobs in one person. The breadth of Mom’s responsibilities is beyond what most workers could ever experience day-to-day. Imagine if you had to attract and retain a candidate to fill this role?”….(READ MORE)

[MOMPRENEUR ALERT] Sonja Maingard – Foxtrot Fashion House


How long have you been a Mompreneur?

For most of my career, I have been managing demanding roles in law, corporate and interior design companies. Twelve years ago after the birth of my two daughters, I realized that the fulfilment of becoming a mother was (is) just as rewarding as being at the top of my career. Having to choose between only ONE of those roles, in order to be an active contributor towards our household, wasn’t adequate for me, so instead, I decided to juggle BOTH. Twelve

years ago, I stepped out of the corporate ‘rat race’ and started my own business. The returns of my enterprising decision was endless, as I was able to pursue my own dreams and visions, freed up from the restraints of desk-bound jobs, office hours and obligations and instead being able to spontaneously embrace my daughters’ presence in my day-to-day-profession. I’ve never looked back….(READ MORE)

Why are men grooming brands targeting women? The answer is not so crazy.

Thirty or forty years ago, women were generally not considered to be the breadwinners of the household. Women were the homemakers, the hard working mothers who worked around the clock to raise the children, clean the house, walk the dogs, wash and iron the clothes and put the dinner on the table. However, the world now is a very different place. Research shows that women are now the primary or sole breadwinners in at least 40% of families.  Yet, the majority of advertising is still aimed towards a male consumer. Go figure!


However, companies are slowly beginning to recognize the power of the female consumer. Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases- this includes PCS (66%), healthcare (80%), new homes (91%), bank accounts (89%), food (93%) and new cars (65%). Women also represent the majority of the online market, with 22% of women shopping online at least once a day, 92% passing along information about offers and deals, and having on average 171 contacts in their email and mobile mailing lists. Yet still, marketing campaigns still aim to male consumers. Advertisements for cars, for computers, for technology- these are all aimed at men, yet it is the women who are representing the majority of the consumer market. 74% of women feel misunderstood by automotive marketers, 84% by investment marketers and 91% feel misunderstood by advertising and marketing overall…( Read More)


Wearable gadgets are everywhere these days. They are your activity trackers and your apply watches. Who would have thought that technology would have advanced so much that we would now be wearing it! With this gadgets, it is not just about how high-tech they are, as they are also a fashion statement. They represent part of you and your personality, whether that is your smart watch or your case for your smartphone. For us to want to own them, they need to look as good as they function.


What exactly is wearable technology- how can it be defined? Well, it is something technological that enables your body to become interactive. Something that fuses the latest technology with your body. It is the thing that works with our bodies to make our lives easier. Just as we wear hat to keep the sun from our heads, or sweaters to keep us warm we wear these technologies to help us in other ways. They help us to communicate with others, to entertain ourselves, to keep track of our health and fitness and to get to know our bodies. When you think of wearable technology, you may think of clunky devices with complicated circuits and batteries- however, this is not necessarily true. A new type of science has recently emerged. A fiber science, in which the material of the clothing is the functioning technology….(READ MORE)

Looking for some great luggage options to turn heads on your next trip? here they are..


Some of us like to travel in comfortable clothing. Others like to travel in style- you never know who you might meet on your adventure, after all, Kate Moss was discovered at JFK airport! However, you can put a lot of effort into your stylish and sophisticated travel outfit, only to be let down by clunky, eye-sore luggage. Fear not- if you look hard enough, you can find some beautiful luggage items, from suitcases to weekend hold-alls.

We have done the look for you, and here is Living 360’s Top 10 Luggage Items, essential for traveling in style.


Sophisticated suitcases for the stylish traveler.

Louis Vuitton: Bitsen 60


Price: $5110 USD
Dimensions: 23.6 x 15.7 x 7 inches

Louis Vuitton luggage is a luxury classic. This piece features a Monogram canvas, canvas lining and leather handles. There is also a leather trim, which is reinforced with rivets and golden brass corners. The case comes with a Louis Vuitton ‘S’ lock with key and two trunk latches. Your case can be customized with your initials….(READ MORE)

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