[Mompreneur360 Interview] Sarah Jagger: The Queen of Living Room Camping!

We all know that every clever business starts with a clever idea and this particular business is one of those!

As kids, we all loved playing with tents and today our kids are following in our footsteps using bed sheets, blankets and chairs to create their own living room tents. So when Mompreneur Sarah Jagger from Domestic Objects decided to create beautiful teepee play tents for children, she knew that kids from all walks of life were going to love them.

We pinned her down during her busy schedule for a quick fireside Q&A..


How long have you been a Mompreneur?

Just about 2 years now…..( READ MORE)

Need a Virtual Assistant? – Mompreneur 360


Have you often wished that you could snap your fingers and add more hours to your day? You might need a Virtual Assistant. Do you sometimes feel like you can’t finish your tasks? If so, finding a Virtual Assistant could help you a lot. Afraid that you can’t find one VA to perform the huge variety of jobs you need done? That’s where a great Virtual Assistant company comes in handy.

A Virtual Assistant company like NAVA (Need a VA) has a wide variety of VA’s available with every conceivable skill to save you time and money. If you only need certain services on a project basis, there’s no point in hiring full time employees for those tasks when you have a Virtual Assistant on call.

But there is more to hiring the right VA than simply picking out a skill and finding a person who has it. What about other services can a Virtual Assistant company like NAVA provide?

Besides hiring and vetting the VA’s that have the right skills, NAVA conducts currentcy training with its VA’s to make sure they constantly improve their level of expertise. NAVA also teaches ethical work conduct, ensuring that our VA’s will respect your privacy and business secrets…(READ MORE)

Top 10 Celebrity Mompreneurs Who Are Taking Care Of Business – Mompreneur 360

Celebrity moms have a lot of responsibilities to juggle. They are a mom, a wife, a media presence, yet somehow they still manage to run their own businesses also. Here are the top ten celebrity moms who are running successful businesses at the same time as managing their place in the spotlight, and raising their children.

Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba is a mother to two daughters- Honor and Haven. Alba is an actress and business woman with a net worth of $20 million. Inspired by the birth of her first child Honor in 2008, Alba decided to co-found The Honest Company. Alba became serious about this business venture when her mother recommended a product for her daughter, a product that resulted in a welt outbreak. The Honest Company creates non-toxic household products and baby products as an alternative to the existing market of products that are allegedly filled with toxins such as petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances…(READ MORE)

Child Geniuses: Time To Meet The Smartest Kids On The Planet


There are many child geniuses and child prodigies in the world. It is amazing to see how those so young can achieve so much. It’s extremely interesting to track their progress as they advance in to adulthood. Here are five of the most intelligent young people on the planet (that we know of) today.


We begin with something rather special- the first and second young persons on this list are siblings. Tanishq and Tiara are twelve and ten respectively, and are American with Asian Indian ancestry.

Both children are members of Mensa- both joining at four years of age. They are not only the youngest siblings to join the high-IQ society, but also the youngest South Asians. The requirements to join Mensa are to score about 98% on the Mensa IQ test. Tanishq scored an incredible 99.9%, with Tiara coming in at a close second with 99%…(READ MORE)

OMG – you will pee your pants when you see this! GOLD!!


Following on from the most viral post on Living 360 about “Children Gone Wild” which got approx. 600,000 views and over 200,000 Facebook shares, we bring you a cheeky encore to this series.

The below pics illustrate children’s innocence when it comes to words and spelling. This is not designed to laugh at their mistakes but rather to celebrate their innocence – all in good humor people! (READ MORE)

Oh Tokyo, how I have missed you.


For those who know me well, know that I have worked in fashion since I was a little grasshopper, and more so, I have a deep-rooted love affair with the land of the rising sun. So when you put these two things together, I get to write about two things I know very well.

When most of us think of Fashion capitals, Tokyo may not immediately spring to mind. You may think of Paris, London, Milan, New York – yet Tokyo is not far behind, coming in at number 11 on the ranking of the 55 fashion capitals of the world. Therefore, as Tokyo sits one spot above Milan, also beating the likes of Florence, Madrid and Sao Paulo on the Global Language Monitor Fashion Capital list, it is clear that they are the Asian fashion hub of the world. Period… (ReadMore)

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